An act in favour of the said Sir John Carmichael, concerning the lands of Longhermiston

Our sovereign lord, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, after his lawful and perfect age of 25 years complete, has declared and, by the tenor hereof, declares that the benefit of pacification, restitution and abolition made and granted in favour of John Mossman, goldsmith, burgess of Edinburgh, at any time heretofore, or that shall happen to be made and granted in his favour at any time hereafter, shall in no way be extended to the lands of Longhermiston, Currie and mill thereof, nor to annualrents out of the same, which pertained to the late James Mossman, lying within the sheriffdom of Edinburgh principal, but that the said lands, annualrents and others above-written, with their pertinents, shall appertain to our said sovereign lord and his highness's successors as fallen and become in his highness's hands through the process and doom of forfeiture led and deduced against the said late James Mossman, goldsmith, to be used and conveyed by his highness and his successors in all time coming at his pleasure, notwithstanding whatsoever pacification, restitution, abolition or other act of parliament granted or to be granted that may be extended or interpreted in the contrary, which our said sovereign lord in that part expressly revokes, makes void and declares to be null and of no value; likewise his highness, with advice foresaid, revokes, makes void and annuls all infeftments, gifts and dispositions made by his highness of the foresaid lands and annualrents, with their pertinents, to whatsoever person or persons at any time heretofore proceeding by reason of the said forfeiture or by whatsoever other manner of way with all that has followed or may follow thereupon.

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