Act in favour of John Colville, son to [Alexander Colville], commendator of Culross

Our sovereign lord and his estates of parliament have seen and considered the infeftment made by his majesty after his perfect age of 21 years complete to his well-beloved John Colville, eldest lawful son to his trusty councillor Alexander, commendator of Culross, and his male heirs, which failing to the eldest of his female heirs without division, of all and sundry the lands of Lurg and Kincardine, with their pertinents, lying within the lordship of Culross and sheriffdom of Perth; and of all and sundry those 17 acres of land lying upon the east and west parts of the abbey and town of Culross, designed and occupied by [etc., as] the said infeftment bears, with all and sundry feu ferms, houses, buildings, mansions, manor places of the same, as the said infeftment of the date at Falkland, 18 September 1587, at more length purports; together with the other charter made by our said sovereign lord after his perfect age of 25 years complete, ratifying and affirming the said former infeftment and conveying the said lands of new, with the teind sheaves included therein, and with annexation and union of the same in a tenancy, and with certain other privileges and immunities contained in the said last infeftment, which is of the date at Holyroodhouse, 22 December 1591; which infeftments, in all heads, articles, clauses and circumstances thereof, with the procuratories and instruments of resignation whereupon the same proceeded, our said sovereign lord and his estates in parliament, for his highness and his successors, ratify and approve for ever, and declare the same to have been from the beginning and to be in all time coming to the said Alexander, his heirs and assignees foresaid, of full strength, force and effect for possessing of the said lands, with the teinds thereof, their pertinents and privileges in all time coming.

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