Act regarding the temporality of Paisley

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, by special examination and trial taken by them of the nature and estate of all and whole the temporality of the abbacy of Paisley, find, decree and declare that the same was not comprehended in the general annexation of kirklands within this realm to our sovereign lord's crown by the act of parliament made at Edinburgh, 29 July 1587, but that all and sundry the lands, baronies and other commodities and freedoms pertaining to the said temporality were lawfully resigned before the said annexation in our said sovereign lord's hands for new infeftment to be given thereof by his highness to his right trusty cousin Claud [Hamilton], now lord Paisley, then commendator thereof, his male heirs and assignees, likewise his majesty, before the conclusion of the said act of annexation, accepted the foresaid resignation to that effect, and thereupon gave and granted infeftment heritable under his highness's great seal to the said Claud, lord Paisley and his foresaids, of all and sundry the forenamed lands, baronies and others specified particularly therein, erected in a temporal lordship and barony called the lordship of Paisley, with full privilege of free regality, as the said infeftment of the date the said 29 July the year of God above-written, with another infeftment following thereupon since, of the date 22 March 1591 [1592], now allowed and approved by his majesty and estates foresaid at more length purports; in respect whereof they find, decree and declare the said temporality to have been and to be expressly excepted out of the said act of annexation, albeit the exception contained in the said first act of annexation makes mention that the town of Paisley was excepted therefrom, which his majesty and estates foresaid have acknowledged and tried to have been written erroneously, whereas the said exception should have been extended to the whole temporality of Paisley, and therefore his majesty and estates above-rehearsed ordains [Alexander Hay of Easter Kennet], clerk register, to correct and reform the said exception, and in place of the said town of Paisley excepted, to insert the exception of the said temporality of Paisley, so that no doubt nor question shall arise relating thereto in time coming.

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