Concerning pensions not authorised by decreet or possession

Forasmuch as there being diverse pensions allegedly conveyed out of the benefices and prelacies of this realm, to the great hurt and prejudice thereof, and the successors, albeit no possession is followed nor comprehended thereupon in the prelate's lifetime, alleged conveyers thereof, through which the same falls of the law and manifestly appears to be but forged and counterfeit titles; and by reason of the corruption of this loss and the great hurt and prejudice of our sovereign lord and the successors sustained thereby, it is statute and ordained by the late act of parliament made regarding annexation of kirk lands to our sovereign lord, that whatsoever pensions conveyed out of the prelacies and neither authorised with decreets nor possession before the said act should fall and be null [and of] no value, force nor effect; which act his highness, with advice of the whole estates, ratifies, approves, confirms, and declares and ordains that all and whatsoever pensions alleged to be conveyed out of prelacies and neither authorised by decreet nor possession, whether the same be of the temporality or spirituality, whereupon neither decreet nor possession has followed in the prelate's lifetime and before the said act of annexation shall be null and of no value, force nor effect in all times bygone and to come.

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