Ratification of the contract of marriage between the king and queen's majesties and of her highness's infeftments and titles passed thereupon

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies and approves the contract, infeftments, securities, evidents and others underwritten of the dates and contents after-specified, namely: the contract of marriage made by his majesty's well-beloved councillor George Keith, earl and Marischal of this realm, heritable lord of Keith and Altrie, sheriff of Kincardine and free baron of Inverugie-Aden, and his highness's general lieutenant of the north, Sir Andrew Keith, lord and free baron of Dingwall, knight, general colonel of this realm, James Scrimgeour, baron of Dudhope, constable of Dundee and heritable standard bearer, Masters John Skene [of Curriehill], advocate in the supreme senate, and George Young, secretary depute, archdean of St Andrews and secretary of the said ambassadory, his highness's commissioners, orators, deputes, procurators and ambassadors upon the one part, and the most illustrious Prince Christian, by the grace of God, king of Denmark, Norway, Vandals and Goths, elect king, duke of Schleswig-Holstein, Stormarn and Dithmarshes, earl in Oldenburg and Delmenhorst, and the most noble lady Sophia, queen of Denmark, Norway, Vandals and Goths, widow come of the most noble family of the dukedom of Mecklenburg etc., duchess of Schleswig-Holstein, Stormarn and Dithmarshes, countess of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst, and his grace's well-beloved nobility and senators of the kingdom of Denmark and Norway on the other part, for the marriage between his majesty and his dearest spouse, Anne, sister to the said king of Denmark, Norway etc., now accomplished with all points, articles, clauses therein contained of the date at the castle of Kronenberg in Zeeland, 20 August 1589; and also, the morning gift given by his highness to his dearest spouse of all and whole the lordship of Dunfermline, with all baronies, lands, principal dwelling houses, yards, pastures, mills, multures, mill lands, teinds, both great and small, woods, coal pits, fishings and all their contents whatsoever lying upon the north side of the water of Forth with all clauses, articles and conditions therein mentioned as the same of the date at Oslo in Norway, 24 November 1589, at length purports; as also the gift and donation renewed to his highness's dearest spouse of the same lordship of Dunfermline with all baronies, parts, pendicles and contents above-written and whole contents thereof, of the date at Holyroodhouse, 11 May 1590; and further, the charters, precepts, instruments of sasine made, granted and given by his majesty to his dearest spouse according to the former contract of marriage and for fulfilling his grace's part thereof, of the earldoms, lordships, palaces, castles, towers, fortalices, lands, rents, ferms, victuals, with their contents, namely: of the palace of Linlithgow, with the lordship and lands of the same yards, pastures, lochs, fishings, mills, multures, coals, coal pits, rents, ferms, victuals, customs, with advocation and donation of benefices, tenants, tenancies, service of free tenants, annexed and connexed lands, parts, pendicles and pertinents whatsoever lying within the sheriffdom of Linlithgow; and in like manner the earldom of Fife with the palace and castle of Falkland, lordship, lands, parts, woods, fishings, pastures, thickets, rents, ferms, duties, customs, mills, multures, with advocation and donation of benefices, tenants, tenancies and service of free tenants, annexed and connexed lands, parts, pendicles and contents whatsoever as well not named as named, lying within the sheriffdom of Fife and whole contents thereof at Holyroodhouse, being of the date 11 May 1590. Moreover, our sovereign lord and estates foresaid by decreet and sentence of parliament decree and declare that the foresaid contract of marriage, whole clauses and contents thereof, the morning gift of the lordship of Dunfermline and whole contents thereof, renewed as is above-specified, the charters, precepts and instruments of sasine of the earldom, lordship and castles above-mentioned, namely: the palace and lordship of Linlithgow of the earldom of Fife, with the palace of Falkland and whole parts and contents above-rehearsed, to have been made and done to the honour, well and profit of his majesty and of his highness's crown and also to the well and commodity of the whole realm, and therefore decree and ordain the same to stand effectual and be inviolably and faithfully observed, kept and fulfilled in all points in all time coming; and further declare that in case it be found that her highness's securities above-specified of the lands, lordships and others above-written be not sufficient to her majesty for possessing and enjoying thereof, the same securities being reformed and renewed by his majesty's advocates or others in such authentic and competent form as appropriate, our sovereign lord and estates foresaid now as then and then as now ratifies and approves the same in such sort as if the same were already perfected in most ample and secure form; and ordains this decreet and sentence of parliament, if need be, to be extracted under the great seal and seals of the whole nobility, barons, clergy and commissioners of burghs, lords of articles of this present parliament.

  1. NAS, PA2/14, ff.26v-27r. Back
  2. Written in margin: 'P'. Written at edge of page, in small hand, 'Queen'. Back
  3. Defined in DSL as a settlement or endowment of money or property given by the husband to the wife on the morning after the marriage. Back