Procedure: commission
For inspecting and causing of the laws and acts of parliament to be printed

Our sovereign lord, with advice of his estates, ordains and commands his trusty cousin and councillor John [Maitland], lord Thirlestane, his highness's chancellor, by himself, assisted with Master John Lindsay, parson of Menmuir, Alexander Hay of Easter Kennet, clerk register, Master John Skene [of Curriehill], advocate, Master George Young, archdeacon of St Andrews, Master Thomas Hamilton, apparent heir of Priestfield, Master William Scott, director of the chancellery, and Master John Hay, son and depute to the said clerk register, to inspect the laws and acts made in this present parliament and all other municipal laws and acts of parliament bygone whereof there are registers or authentic monuments extant, and to consider what laws or acts necessarily would be known to the subjects, which should be kept and obeyed by them, and, to make them inexcusable of ignorance, to cause the same laws and acts be copied and authentic copies subscribed to be delivered to his highness's printer, together or severally, as the said lord chancellor and persons joined to assist him shall think expedient, as often and in such number as they shall think good that the same may come probably to the knowledge of all the subjects so soon as is possible; and gives and grants full power to the said chancellor and others appointed to the effect foresaid by this act, and that the copy and direction subscribed by the said lord chancellor and clerk register, with any other two of the persons above-written appointed to assist him, shall be a sufficient warrant to the said printer to the effect above-specified.

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