For the better keeping of the king's parks

Our sovereign lord, with advice of his estates, considering the great damage done to his parks and forests by the liberty that every man usurps by the putting in of all kinds of goods in them without any licence had and obtained thereto, through which the said parks and forests are wholly destroyed and made unprofitable for his majesty's use, therefore, it is statute and ordained that whatsoever goods not put in by [David Seaton of Parbroath], comptroller, or any having his power, shall be at any time after this present parliament found pasturing within any his majesty's parks and forests, it shall be lawful to the comptroller or any having our sovereign lord's power to intromit with the same, escheat and bring in them to his majesty's use, without any danger of law or peril to follow thereupon; and that letters be directed hereupon by the lords of secret council, session or exchequer charging all and sundry within 10 days' warning to clear and remove their whole goods out of the said parks, with certification if they fail, the said 10 days being past, they shall be escheated and brought in to his majesty's [use and] benefit, and that publication be made hereof at the parish kirks and market crosses of the burghs next adjacent to the said parks and forests.

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