Procedure: commission
Commission for reparation of hospitals

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies and approves the 17th act of the parliament held and begun at Edinburgh, 24 October 1581, entitled 'Commission for reformation of the hospitals, maison dieus, almshouse and bede-house, and reducing them to their first institution etc.'; and because the greatest part of the noblemen and other officers of state to whom the said commission was directed are departed this life, ordains their rooms to be supplied by the persons after-following, they are to say: John [Maitland], lord Thirlestane, chancellor, Sir Robert Melville of Murdocairnie, knight, treasurer, Sir Richard Cockburn, younger, of Clerkington, secretary, Mark [Kerr], lord Newbattle, master of requests, Alexander [Colville], commendator of Culross, Master David MacGill of Cranstoun-Riddel, his highness's advocate, Alexander Hay of Easter Kennet, clerk register, and William Little, provost of Edinburgh, giving, granting and committing to them, or any three of them jointly, the like power and commission to convene themselves, to the effect and in manner specified in the said former act of the date above-written in all points.

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