Protestation of William [Douglas], earl of Morton

The which day, in presence of our sovereign lord and his estates of parliament, compeared personally William, earl of Morton, lord Dalkeith etc., and protested that whatsoever process of forfeiture led and deduced against Francis [Stewart], sometime earl of Bothwell etc., should be no hurt nor prejudice to the said earl as heir of tailzie to the late Archibald [Douglas], earl of Angus, in the lordship and earldom of Morton and others specified in his infeftment thereof, regarding his rights and titles of whatsoever lands, possessions, honours and dignities pertaining to him of the living and earldom of Bothwell or others, the said earl's lands or possessions; and that he and his successors might be heard to propose their reasons and defences whensoever they should happen to be called upon their rights of the same; and thereupon asked acts and instruments.

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