Commission for setting of the quantity of the bullion to be brought to the coin-house of all customed goods

Our sovereign lord and three estates of this present parliament give and grant full power and commission to his well beloved Sir Robert Melville of Murdocairnie, knight, treasurer depute, Sir Archibald Napier of Edinbellie, knight, general of his highness's coin-house, John Aitchison, his highness's late master coiner, and Thomas Aitchison, present master of his said coin-house, with one or two of the council of Edinburgh, or any five, four or three of them, the said Sir Robert Melville always being one, to convene as often as they shall think expedient between now and 1 June 1588, and to set and appoint what duty of bullion his highness ought to have brought to his coin-house for all manner of goods customable passing out of this realm; and whatever the said commissioners decree and ordain to be done in the premises, their ordinance being duly made, subscribed by them or any three of them (the said Sir Robert being one of them as said is), the same to have as great execution, force and effect as if the same were done by his highness and his estates in full parliament, until the next parliament and until the said ordinance be discharged or altered by parliament.

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