Procedure: commission
Commission in favour of the city of Glasgow

Concerning the supplication presented and given in to our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament by the freemen and other indwellers of the city of Glasgow above the Greyfriar Wynd thereof, making mention that where that part of the said city that before the reformation of the religion was maintained and upheld by the resort of the bishop, parsons, vicars and others of clergy for the time, is now become ruinous and for the most part altogether decayed and the heritors and possessors thereof greatly depaupered, wanting the means not only to uphold the same, but of the maintenance of themselves, their wives, bairns and family; albeit if the common good of the said city were respected and an equality used by the magistrates and others to whom such things properly appertain, the present necessity might easily be supported by reason it is of verity that there is a great confusion and multitude of markets together in one place about the cross of the said city, which being divided and dispersed and some of them appointed to be held in some competent rooms amongst them would greatly help them and in no way hurt the remaining inhabitants of the said city, whereof as they are a part of the body and members subject to the payment of tax, stent, watching, warding and all other demanded charges, even so all the commodities of the said city should be common to them all; and seeing that part of the said city above the said Greyfriar Wynd is the only ornament and decoration thereof by reason of the great and sumptuous buildings of great antiquity, very proper and suitable for the receiving of his highness and nobility at such times as they shall repair thereto, and that it were to be lamented to see such gorgeous policy to decay that otherwise might be sustained without hurt of his highness's subjects, and therefore desiring his majesty and lords, by act of parliament, to give full power and commission, express bidding and charge to Robert [Boyd], lord Boyd, Walter [Stewart], prior of Blantyre, the provost and bailies of the said city of Glasgow and such others as they thought good to convene and take order for relief of the said present necessity, as at more length is contained in the said supplication. Which being heard, seen and considered by our said sovereign lord and estates in parliament, and they therewith being ripely advised, his majesty, with advice and consent of the three estates of this present parliament, has given and granted, likewise they, by the tenor hereof, give and grant full power and commission to the said Robert, lord Boyd, Walter, prior of Blantyre and to the equal half of the council of the said city of Glasgow jointly, providing the provost and bailies thereof be of that number, to convene and take order as they shall think most expedient for relief of the decay and necessity of that part of Glasgow above the Greyfriar Wynd thereof, either by appointing of the market of salt which comes in at the Over Port, or the barley and malt market upon the Wynd Head of the said city, or such other parts thereabouts where the said commissioners or the most part of them shall think most suitable and expedient; and decrees and declares the order to be taken by them thereupon to stand and have full effect in all time thereafter, commanding the inhabitants of the said city to submit themselves to the ordinance and determination to be made by the said commissioners therein, without stop, trouble or impediment, as they will answer to his highness upon their obedience; and ordains letters to be directed to the effect aforesaid, if need be, in the appropriate form, and also to command and charge the aforesaid commissioners to accept the said matter in and upon them and to take order and determine concerning the premises as they will answer to God and our sovereign lord thereupon.

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