Act in favour of John Aitchison

Our sovereign lord, with advice of the three estates in this present parliament, knowing perfectly that John Aitchison, sometime his highness's master coiner, had contracted diverse and great debts through his highness's service and become cautioner and surety for William [Ruthven], earl of Gowrie, treasurer for the time, to diverse merchants and others, his creditors, and at his command become bound and obliged to them to content and pay to them for the said late earl great sums of money upon condition to have been paid of the first and readiest profits of the said coin-house; likewise also the said John received his obligation for his relief, through which the said John has incurred great hurt and wrack; and in case our said sovereign lord and his estates aforesaid support not the said John, who merits good thanks, rewards and support for his good will and service done to our said sovereign lord and his highness's treasurer for the time, he is able to decay and his lands will be comprised. And our said sovereign lord and three estates aforesaid, having pity of the said John, who is able to wrack for no deed than occasion committed by him, but rather for service and good will shown and done to his highness and his officers for the time in the parliament held at Linlithgow on 10 December 1585, has statute and ordained the said John to have execution upon the lands which pertained to the said late Earl of Gowrie for payment of the said sum of £10,000, wherefore the said John became cautioner for the said late earl, except so much as he should be found by just calculation to be freed and relieved of, and that John should have execution of horning, poinding and comprising against James [Ruthven], now earl of Gowrie, and his lands and living, as if he were entered heir to his said late father by brieves, as at more length is contained in the said act. Which act and benefit contained therein our said sovereign lord and three estates aforesaid, in no way willing to prejudice or derogate, have ratified and approved the same, likewise his majesty and three estates aforesaid ratify and approve the same, and decree, statute and ordain the same to stand in full force, strength and effect, notwithstanding any act or benefit particularly granted in favour of the said earl or his mother in this present parliament or other general act or statute which may in any ways derogate or prejudice the said act.

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