Act in favour of [Margaret Balfour], lady Burleigh concerning lands given for castles

Item, where as the act made in the parliament held at Edinburgh on 24 October 1581, ratified and approved, with an addition, in the parliament held at Linlithgow, in the great hall of the palace thereof, in December 1585, gives action for repetition of whatsoever lands and heritage given and conveyed to keepers of our sovereign lord's castles for rendering of the same to the receivers thereof, it being verified that the said lands, heritages and possessions were given for the cause aforesaid, our sovereign lord and his three estates of parliament have declared and declare that where there is, or shall be, any lands or heritage repeated and given for the cause aforesaid, the said cause shall be sufficiently verified by writ, to wit, either by the infeftments and evidences of the said lands containing the said cause or by another authentic writ and evidence under the subscription of the party, receiver of the said lands and heritage, granting that the said lands and heritage were given and received for that cause; and that in repetition of lands and heritage for the causes aforesaid, no other verification nor probation shall be received except by the said authentic writs and evidences as said is; and this declaration to have place in repetition of lands and heritage only, the remaining points of the aforesaid addition and ratification thereof standing in the same form as they were conceived before and to be ruled by the common law at the discretion of the judge.

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