Act in favour of Walter [Stewart], commendator of Blantyre, keeper of the privy seal

Forasmuch as notwithstanding process and doom of forfeiture was led and given against Master Archibald Douglas, parson of Glasgow, for certain crimes contained in the said process, and that the said Master Archibald is in no way restored by parliament, and nevertheless, our sovereign lord has by his letters granted to him the benefit of his pacifications before, which gave occasion to his highness's servant, Walter, commendator of Blantyre, keeper of his highness's privy seal, to deal with him in diverse tacks, assedations and other securities upon the fruits, teind sheaves and other profits of the parsonage of Glasgow, who has made final end with him upon the said securities in good faith, taking him to be fully received in our sovereign lord's favour; therefore, our said sovereign lord and his three estates in parliament, in no way willing that the said commendator shall be in any way prejudiced in the said tacks, assedations and other securities made to him of the teinds, fruits and duties of the said parsonage, but that the same shall stand firm, sure and stable to him in time coming, decree and ordain the said tacks, assedations and other securities whatsoever made by the said Master Archibald to the said commendator at any time preceding the date hereof to stand in full force, strength and effect, and that the said commendator, his heirs and assignees shall possess and enjoy the teind sheaves and other duties specified therein after the form, tenor and conditions contained in the same, notwithstanding any question that may be opposed by reason of the estate of the said Master Archibald, his person, or any other manner of way. And further, our sovereign lord and his three estates decree, statute and ordain that neither the said Master Archibald himself nor any other provided at any time before, or that hereafter shall be provided to the said parsonage, shall be heard to impugn the said tacks, assedations and others above-specified more than if the said Master Archibald were fully restored in this present parliament.

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