Ratification to [David Lindsay], earl of Crawford

Our sovereign lord, after his perfect age of 21 years complete, and after his highness's general revocation, with advice of his three estates of parliament, ratifies, approves and, for his highness and his successors, perpetually confirms the gift of bastardy, escheat, presentations and infeftments whatsoever given and granted by his highness to his right trusty cousin and councillor David, earl of Crawford, lord Lindsay, etc., his heirs and assignees, of all lands, annualrents, tenements, houses, buildings, tacks, steadings, rooms, possessions and others whatsoever which pertained to the late Master George Crichton of Cluny, Margaret and Christian Crichton, his daughters, and now pertaining to our said sovereign lord and becoming in his highness's hands by the laws of this realm and privilege of his crown through the said late Master George being born bastard and so deceasing bastard, and the said Margaret and Christian Crichton, his daughters, deceasing without lawful heirs procreated of their bodies to succeed to them, their lands or heritages, or lawful disposition made by the said persons or any of them in their lifetimes, or through the doom of forfeiture orderly led against John Crichton of Ruthven for certain crimes of lese-majesty, whereof he was convicted in a justice court held in the tolbooth of Edinburgh the [...] day of [...] the year of God 15[...] years, with all and whatsoever infeftments and sasines granted and given by the superiors of the said lands, annualrents and tenements, and to be given thereupon upon the presentations directed by our sovereign lord to them, and upon the infeftments granted by our sovereign lord to his said trusty cousin; and decrees and ordains the same and all that has followed thereupon to be as effectual and valuable to his said trusty cousin, his heirs and assignees, for their peaceable possession and enjoying of the said lands, tenements, annualrents and others aforesaid, as if the same had been given and granted by his highness after his perfect age of 21 years complete and general revocation as said is as their heritage in time coming and to uplift the mails, profits and duties and otherwise to use the same at their pleasure.

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