Act of certain matters remitted to the exchequer

Our sovereign lord, with advice of his three estates assembled in this present parliament, has remitted and remits the articles and supplications specified below to the consideration, advice and direction of the lords auditors of his highness's exchequer, now present and that shall happen to be for the time, and decrees and declares that whatever the said lords auditors shall think expedient and ordain to be done concerning the same articles and supplications, the same shall have like effect, force and execution as if the same were done, statute and ordained in this present parliament: they are to say, toward the reparation and maintenance of our sovereign lord's castles, palaces and houses and how the repairing and maintenance thereof may be put in execution in time coming. Item, to consider what costly, superfluous and unnecessary merchandise is commonly brought within this realm and what profitable wares and commodities are carried out of the same that ought and should pay custom to our sovereign lord, and to set and appoint what custom should be paid for that, having respect to the increase of the dearth. Item, to consult and take order concerning execution of the acts made of before against transporting of forbidden and uncustomed goods, for maintaining of the peaceable and quiet trade of fishing in the lochs and isles upon the north and west coasts of this realm, for resisting of the continual wracks and plundering sustained by his highness's subjects through the invasion of pirates, and for the relief and satisfaction of Robert Abercrombie, burgess of Edinburgh, his highness's saddler, of the sums and causes contained in his supplication.

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