Against transporting of victuals or keeping of the same to dearth

Item, in consideration the great increase of the dearth of victual principally proceeds through transporting of the same, both by sea and land, which would be utterly abstained from and remedy found thereof, in respect whereof, our said sovereign lord, with advice of the said three estates of parliament, statutes, decrees and ordains that the wardens of the marches shall be answerable to the king for all victuals and goods transported in England defiling their marches, in doing whereof they are no further obliged to their native country nor to any Englishman in case his goods stolen defile his march; and to the effect the said wardens may be the more diligent thereupon, decrees and ordains the equal half of the said goods and victuals transported in England to appertain to the said warden, and the other half thereof to pertain and be made forthcoming to our sovereign lord's use. And for staying the transporting of victuals by sea, it is statute and ordained that the ship and whole goods and gear belonging to the masters thereof and clerks of the same ships, transporters of the said victuals, shall be confiscated and the said masters' and clerks' persons subject to imprisonment at the will of his majesty. And for the better execution thereof, our sovereign lord, with advice aforesaid, decrees and ordains each free burgh within this realm yearly at the feast of Michaelmas [29 September] to elect and choose a sufficient burgess to be searcher at the sea ports of the said victuals, to be adjoined to the king's searcher, of equal power with him in all respects, and that they may use and exercise the same office, jointly and separately, as occasion shall receive and require, and the equal half of the said victuals to be applied to the use and commodity of each burgh and the other half to the king's use; and likewise grants the same power to the bailies of all regalities and burghs of the same, whereupon the said burghs and bailies of regalities shall be held to answer yearly of their diligence in the premises.

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