Act concerning the punishment of usury

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the three estates of this present parliament, statutes, ordains and declares that whatsoever person or persons in time coming, by any block or bargain upon pledges or annualrents, as well of victual as of money, shall take or receive more for the loan interest profit of yearly annual of £100 money during the whole space of a year than £10 money, five bolls of victual, so of greater or smaller sums proportionally, that all such persons, takers or makers of such blocks and conditions, for greater or more profit, interest, commodity or annual for the space of a year or for longer or shorter space after the proportion of the year than £10 for each £100 by year, shall be held, reputed, pursued and punished as ockerers and usurers and receive and incur punishment and judgement of the same, according to the laws of this realm already made and established thereupon, providing always that this present act of parliament, force and execution thereof in no way shall be extended to any lawful bonds, contracts, obligations, infeftments or other securities whatsoever made upon annualrents of money or victual preceding the date of this act, but they to stand and abide in their own strength and effect in all points, after the form and tenor thereof, as they were made from the beginning.

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  2. 'V.' written in margin. Back
  3. In margin: 'or five bolls of victual, A[lexander Hay of Easter Kennet], clerk register'. Back