Commission concerning the coin

The king's majesty and three estates of this present parliament, being informed of the great hurt that this country has sustained this long time past through the over great abundance of alloyed money coined within the same, and to the effect that the same may be eschewed in time coming, his majesty, with advice of his said estates, gives and grants full power and commission to Sir John Maitland of Thirlestane, knight, his highness's chancellor, Master Thomas Lyon of Baldukie, treasurer, Alexander [Seton], commendator of Pluscarden, Sir Lewis Bellenden of Auchnoull, knight, justice clerk, Sir Robert Melville of Murdocairnie, knight, treasurer depute, Master David MacGill of Nisbet [and Cranstoun-Riddel], his highness's advocate, and Alexander Hay of Easter Kennet, clerk register, or any three of them, the said treasurer being one, to convene together as often as they shall think expedient between the date hereof and 1 January 1588, and to confer, treat and conclude as well upon the stay of the money now current as upon the coining of a new money: of gold of 22 caret fine and of silver of 11 penny fine, and how many pieces of every one of the same shall be in the ounce, and for what price they shall have course and passage in the country; and whatsoever the said commissioners, or any three of them jointly, the said treasurer being one, do herein, his highness and his said estates decree and ordain the same to have as great strength, force and effect as if the same were done by the whole estates in parliament.

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