An act in favour of [Thomas Lyon of Baldukie], master of Glamis

Our sovereign lord and three estates of this present parliament will and grant and, for his highness and successors, perpetually decree and ordain that Thomas, master of Glamis, is and shall be specially contained and comprehended in the general act of restitution presently made, and that all and whatsoever clauses, heads, points and articles thereof shall be extended in favour of him, his heirs, successors and posterity and shall be to them as sufficient in all respects for the surety of them, their lands, life and goods as if he were specially nominated therein, or as if the whole heads, points and articles of the said general restitution and abolition were specially herein expressed. And further, our sovereign lord, in presence of his highness's estates of parliament, has made plain declaration that whatever lately fell out by any enterprise of the said Master Thomas, that was only by occasion of particular dissention between him and some others of his highness's lieges, which his highness knows perfectly never to have tended either to the danger of his highness's most noble person nor yet to the impairing of his honour and estate, whereof his highness, by his dutiful behaviour, has had such good proof as he has found the said Master Thomas ever to have been and to be his faithful and true subject.

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