Procedure: protest

The which day Alexander Rutherford [of Rubislaw], commissioner for the burgh of Aberdeen, in presence of our sovereign lord and three estates in parliament, protested that [the] gift and disposition and confirmation, with the revocation therein contained, of the rents, profits and duties of the black and white friars of Aberdeen granted in this present parliament to Master William Leslie be in no way prejudicial to the gift thereof made and granted by our sovereign lord and ratified in [his] highness's parliament to the burgh of Aberdeen, for sustenance of their poor and maintaining of the hospitality of the said town, and that in respect the said Master William's gift of the said friars took never effect in his person by possession and also because the gift thereof made and granted to the said town of Aberdeen for pious uses, namely, for sustenance of the poor and maintaining of the hospitality as said is, can in no way be revocable according to the lovable laws and custom of this realm, inviolably observed in all gifts, donations and dispositions made to whatsoever burghs within this realm of all and sundry chaplainries, prebendaries, friars' lands, annualrents, anniversaries and others whatsoever, which never has been called in question by virtue of any of our sovereign lord's revocations, but has stood and yet stands in full force, strength and effect, notwithstanding the same.

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