Act in favour of [Archibald Douglas], earl of Angus concerning the heirs of Whitelaw

Our sovereign lord and three estates of this present parliament, understanding that Archibald, earl of Angus, by virtue of a decreet arbitral given by his highness and lords of secret council, was decreed to pay the sum of 10,000 merks for the restitution of the heirs of the laird of Whitelaw, procured by the mediation and travails of the said Archibald, earl of Angus, which sum he really paid, together with diverse other sums of money for the right of the lands and livings of Whitelaw made by the said heirs to him since the restitution aforesaid, whereof our sovereign lord wills and grants that he shall in no way be defrauded; therefore his highness and three estates aforesaid decree and ordain that this general restitution concluded in this present parliament and whole acts and articles thereof be in no way extended to the said heirs of Whitelaw, until the said Archibald, earl of Angus be sufficiently satisfied, as appropriate, ordaining the said Archibald, earl of Angus to be repossessed to the said living in the same estate as he was in before the pronouncing of any sentence of forfeiture against him, and to possess and enjoy the same according to the rights made to him thereupon until he be sufficiently satisfied as said is; and that notwithstanding any pacification or restitution granted to them.

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