Procedure: protest
Protestation of Francis [Hay], earl of Erroll, constable of Scotland

The which day Francis, earl of Erroll, lord Hay, constable of Scotland, declared in presence of the king's majesty and three estates of this present parliament that there was of old one contention between the constable and admiral for the priority of their vote and place in parliament in the days of the late Mary [of Guise], queen dowager and regent of this realm, at the which time it was concluded that the constable should first vote in parliament, notwithstanding that he sat not amongst the rest of the earls, but for the doing of his office in parliament sat low down in the parliament house, and therefore unless the king's majesty and estates restored him to the ancient degree and priority in voting which his predecessors had, refused to vote in this present parliament, and protested that although Francis [Stewart], now earl of Bothwell at this time has voted before him, that it hurt nor prejudice not him.

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