Ratification to [David Lindsay], earl of Crawford of the lands of Abernethy

Our sovereign lord and his highness's three estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and confirm the infeftment given and granted by our sovereign lord to his right trusty cousin and counsellor David, earl of Crawford, his heirs and assignees, for all the days of the lifetime of Archibald [Douglas], earl of Angus and Dame Margaret Leslie, his spouse, and thereafter for all the days of the lifetime of the said Dame Margaret Leslie, if it shall happen her to live after the decease of the said earl only, all and whole the property of all and sundry the lands and barony of Bothwell, with castles, towers, fortalices, manor places, mills, fishings, multures, woods and all their pertinents, lying within the sheriffdom of Lanark; and all and whole the lands, lordship and barony of Abernethy, with castles, towers, fortalices, manor places, yards, orchards, mills, fishings, parts, pendicles, annexes, connexes, tenants, tenantries and service of free tenants, advocation, donation and right of patronage of kirks and chaplainries of the same, and specially of the provostry and prebendaries of the college kirk of Abernethy and all other their pertinents, profits, liberties and commodities, as freely and largely in all and by all things as the said earl possessed the same in times past; and likewise the gift granted by our said sovereign lord to his said right trusty cousin and counsellor David, earl of Crawford and his aforesaids for the said spaces only of the lands and barony of Douglas and barony of Dunsire, which is worth by year and extends to the sum of 500 merks usual money of this realm, in the which sum the said Dame Margaret Leslie was infeft by herself, to be uplifted and taken up out of the same lands in special warranty and security of the said lands and barony of Bothwell until she got entry to the same by decease of Dame Margaret Maxwell, countess of Angus, according to the tenor of the contract of marriage; and decree and declare the same infeftment to have full strength, force and effect in all time coming as is contained therein, after the form and tenor thereof, expressly declaring by this act that the aforesaid lands are not, nor shall be, in any way comprehended under our sovereign lord's revocation made at this present parliament, but the same is and shall be excepted, likewise our said sovereign lord, with advice aforesaid, by the tenor hereof, excepts the same out of the said revocation; and also decrees this present declaration and exception is, and shall be, of as great force, strength and effect as if the same had been contained and inserted therein, to the effect the said David, earl of Crawford may peaceably possess and enjoy the said lands and baronies, with their pertinents particularly above-written, according to the titles thereof aforesaid, with letters of publication to pass hereupon, if need be, in the appropriate form.

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