Act in favour of David Murray, one of the masters of stable

Concerning the supplication presented to our sovereign lord and three estates of parliament by David Murray, one of his majesty's masters of stable, making mention that where his highness and the said three estates in the last parliament held at Edinburgh ratified and confirmed the gift given to the said David of the heritable gift of the lands of Kirkpottie and Cowdenknowes, which pertained of before to Gavin Hamilton, sometime of Raploch, notwithstanding any benefit granted to him since, and in the same parliament his majesty revoked all gifts and dispositions made to whatsoever persons of forfeited lands (except so many are excepted in special), and upon the said general revocation the said David obtained his majesty's gift of the liferent of the said lands which pertained to Jean Dishington, spouse to the said Gavin, and because the benefit granted to the said Jean of the liferent of the said lands was not revoked in special, the said David is troubled and molested through alleged sufficiency of his right; therefore our said sovereign lord, with advice of the said three estates of this present parliament, revokes and annuls in special all benefices granted to the said Jean Dishington at any time past, and specially concerning her liferent of the said lands whereby the said David may peaceably possess and enjoy the same according to his gift and infeftment ratified in parliament of before, and also ratifies and approves the said gift granted to the said David of her liferent of the said lands.

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