Procedure: commission
Commission to consider and approve the erection of the college of Aberdeen

Concerning the supplication presented to our sovereign lord and three estates of this present parliament by the masters of the college of Aberdeen, making mention that where they, by consultation of the learned men in that diocese, have conceived a form of erection in the college of Aberdeen and union of the old rentals with the new, humbly requiring that the same may be considered by [James Stewart, earl of Arran], chancellor, [John Maitland of Thirlestane], secretary, [Alexander Hay of Easter Kennet], clerk register, and [Patrick Adamson, archbishop of] St Andrews and [David Cunningham, bishop of] Aberdeen, and that by their report the foundation presented may be confirmed in this present parliament, likewise at more length is contained in the said supplication; our sovereign lord and three estates aforesaid give and grant full power and commission to the persons above-written to visit and consider the form of the said foundation, and to report their judgement and opinion thereof to the said estates, to the effect that the same being found formally in good order may be confirmed and approved.

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