An act prohibiting the eating of butcher meat three days every week

The king's majesty and his three estates convened in this present parliament, considering the great abuse and disorder standing amongst his highness's subjects of all degrees in the licentious eating of butcher meat every day, which, beside other great inconveniences, is the occasion of great dearth of all manner of butcher meat; for remedy whereof, it is statute and ordained by our said sovereign lord, with advice of his said three estates, that no manner of person nor persons, his subjects of what[ever] estate, degree or condition that ever they be of, shall presume or take upon hand to eat any manner of butcher meat in time coming on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday or in the time of Lent, under the pain of confiscation of all their moveable goods to our sovereign lord's use; and that his majesty's treasurer cause enquire, search an[d seek the] contraveners of this present act, call and accuse them thereof, and they being convicted, to [arrest]and uplift the said pain upon them with all rigour in example of others.

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