Pacification to the heirs of the late Patrick [Hepburn], bishop of Moray

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the three estates of this present parliament, upon weighty and good considerations tending to peace and quietness and universal obedience of his highness's authority within this realm, has given and granted to the late Patrick, bishop of Moray, commendator of the abbey of Scone, his heirs and bairns procreated of his body, the benefit, right, privilege and liberty of our said sovereign lord's pacification made and concluded upon at the burgh of Perth on 23 February 1572 [1573], which is ratified and approved by his highness and three estates thereafter in parliament; and further, our said sovereign lord and three estates, for him and his successors, have granted that the heirs of the said late Patrick, bishop of Moray, shall be entered and served by brieves of his highness's chancellory to all lands and annualrents in the which the said late Patrick died invested and seased, and shall succeed to him to all his debts and moveable goods and possess all honours, privileges, dignities which they might have possessed before the process of forfeiture led against the said late Patrick; and that all infeftments, feus, dispositions, pensions, tacks and other rights made by the said late bishop to whatsoever person or persons during his lifetime shall be as viable to them and their heirs as if the said process of forfeiture had never been led against the said late Patrick, bishop of Moray, and if his name had been expressly specified in the said pacification, as at more length is contained therein. Therefore, our said sovereign lord, with advice of his said three estates, has ratified and approved and, by the tenor hereof, ratifies and approves the said benefit of pacification given and granted to the said late Patrick, bishop of Moray, his heirs and bairns in manner above-written in all points, after the form and tenor thereof, and declares the same to have full force, strength and effect in all time coming, so far as the same concerns all lands, annualrents, debts and moveable goods pertaining to the said late bishop and others above-written concerning the said bishopric of Moray only.

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