The benefit of pacification granted to James Cockie, son lawful to the late James Cockie, goldsmith, burgess of Edinburgh

Our sovereign lord, with advice of the three estates of this present parliament, of his special grace, and upon weighty and good considerations tending to the establishing of peace and quietness and universal obedience of his highness's authority within this realm, has given and granted and, by the tenor hereof, gives and grants to James Cockie, son lawful to the late James Cockie, goldsmith, burgess of Edinburgh, the like favour, grace and benefit of pacification made and concluded upon at the burgh of Perth on 23 February 1572 [1573], and ratified and approved in his highness's parliament held at Edinburgh thereafter in 1573, and wills the same pacification to be as largely and favourably extended in the favour of the said James Cockie, for the surety of him, his life, lands, honours, heritages, rooms and possessions which pertained to his late father, so that he may possess and enjoy the same with all privileges and qualities thereof, and restores, rehabilitates and makes the said James as lawful to enter by brieves of our sovereign lord's chapel to all lands, rooms and possessions which his said late father had of before, or any part of the same made or given to whatsoever person or persons through process and doom of forfeiture led against the late James, his father, for any crimes committed by him in the common cause during the time contained in the said pacification, so that he may succeed as heir to him as if he and his said late father had been specially nominated and comprehended in the said pacification and not forfeited, or as if the whole articles and conditions thereof were herein expressly mentioned. And for his better security, our said sovereign lord, with advice aforesaid, has ratified and approved and, by the tenor hereof, ratifies and approves the aforesaid pacification given and granted to the said James, in manner above-written, in all points, after the form and tenor thereof, and declares the same to have full effect and force in time coming, and the same benefit to be extended as largely in favour of the said James as is, or may be, extended to any person or persons, obtainers of the like benefit, of before, providing always that the same extend not to the murders of [Henry Stewart, lord Darnley], our sovereign lord's father, and [James Stewart, earl of Moray and Matthew Stewart, earl of Lennox], his two regents, witchcraft and incest, but by this act specially and expressly excepts the same, and ordains letters to be directed hereupon, if need be, in the appropriate form.

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