Ratification to William Mossman

Our sovereign lord, with advice of the three estates of this present parliament, has ratified and approved and, by the tenor hereof, ratifies and approves the letters of presentation given under the testimonial of the great seal to William Mossman, son lawful to John Mossman, writer, directed to Master Robert Spence, chaplain of St John's Isle, situated within the college kirk of Dunbar, superior of the lands underwritten, for receiving of the said William in immediate heritable tenant of all and whole the lands of Bowerhouse, with their pertinents, lying within the constabulary of Haddington and sheriffdom of Edinburgh, which pertained of before to James [Douglas], sometime prior of Pluscarden, held of the said chaplain and coming in our said sovereign lord's hands through reason of escheat through being of the said James [Douglas], sometime earl of Morton, his father, convicted for art, part, council, foreknowledge and concealing of the treasonable murder of the late [Henry Stewart, lord Darnley], our sovereign lord's dearest father, or being of the said sometime prior forfeited for certain crimes of treason committed by him, as in the letters of presentation granted to the said William at more length is contained, together with the heritable infeftment of the same lands granted to the said William Mossman held of the said superior, with the sasine following thereupon, so that the same may be effectual to him in all points after the form and tenor thereof.

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