Ratification granted to Alexander Home of Manderston and Alexander [Home], commendator of Coldingham of the lands of Simprin and Tofts

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the three estates of this present parliament, ratifies, approves and confirms the charter and infeftment made, granted and given by our sovereign lord to Alexander Home of Manderston, in liferent, and to Alexander, commendator of Coldingham, his son and apparent heir, of all and whole the lands of Simprin, Over and Nether Tofts, with their pertinents, lying within the sheriffdom of Berwick, as coming in his highness's hands by reason of forfeiture orderly led and deduced against the late William Maitland, sometime apparent heir of Lethington, and John Maitland, sometime prior of Coldingham, his brother, for certain crimes of treason and lese-majesty committed by them, whereof they were convicted in parliament, as the process led and deduced thereupon purports, and all other rights and titles of the same in all points, passes, clauses and articles specified therein, after the form and tenor thereof, expressly declaring by this act that the same is not, nor shall be, in any way comprehended under our sovereign lord's revocation presently made at this present parliament, but that the same is, and shall be, excepted, likewise as our said sovereign lord, with advice aforesaid, by the tenor hereof, excepts the same out of the said revocation, and also decrees this present declaration and exception is, and shall be, of as great force and value as if the same had been contained and inserted therein, and likewise declares the aforesaid infeftments, presentation, right and titles made, given and granted to the said Alexander and his son, commendator aforesaid, to have full force, strength and effect in all time coming, to the effect that they and their heirs may peaceably possess and use the said lands and others aforesaid, according to their former titles thereof, with letters of publication to pass hereupon in the appropriate form.

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