Ratification of the fair at the Bridgend of Lintrathen

Our sovereign lord, with advice of the three estates of this present parliament, being informed by the barons, gentlemen and other inhabitants of the bounds of Glenisla, Mar and Brae of Angus and other parts adjacent thereto, and that the whole lieges dwelling within the said bounds have been and are accustomed to resort and repair at diverse and sundry times of the year to the town of Bridgend in Glentrathen for buying and selling of corns, cattle, sheep and such other necessary gear as is frequented to be sold and cost within the markets within the burghs of this realm, by the which they report as much commodity as any others of his highness's lieges, by reason the said town of Bridgend lies in the middle of the country and is most commodious and nearest to the whole inhabitants of Badenoch, Brae of Angus, Mar, Strathspey and other parts thereabouts, desiring therefore a free fair to be prescribed, appointed and assigned once in the year at the said place; wherefore our said sovereign lord, with advice of the said three estates of this present parliament, has prescribed, appointed and assigned 11 November yearly to be the fair day of the said town of Bridgend, so that our sovereign lord's lieges may resort and repair thereto for buying and selling of all goods, merchandise and others; and ordains letters to be directed hereupon for publication to be made in the said bounds in the appropriate form.

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