Ratification of the fair of Auchterarder

Our sovereign lord and three estates of this present parliament, understanding that the burgh of Auchterarder is of old erected in a free burgh regal and that the same is far distant from the sea ports and has not used fairs nor market days, the same is becoming decayed and the inhabitants thereof poor so that they are not able to maintain the civil order of a free burgh nor yet execute such justice as they might in the country about, being oppressed diverse times by broken men and rogues who make incursions and harry many country men and menace often times the inhabitants of the said town and burgh; and therefore our said sovereign lord, with advice aforesaid, for help of the commonwealth of the said burgh and support of the inhabitants thereof, has given and granted, likewise his highness, with advice aforesaid, gives and grants licence, freedom and liberty to the provost, bailies, inhabitants and community of the said burgh of Auchterarder to hold yearly a free fair and market day on 25 November, beginning the same on 25 November 1581, and to continue yearly thereafter in all times coming, declaring expressly by this act that all our sovereign lord's lieges may resort and repair thereto for buying and selling of all goods and merchandise therein, whereby the policy of the said burgh may the better increase and that the lieges also may have the better easement and subsistence for decoration of the realm; and ordains letters of publication to be directed hereupon in the appropriate form.

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