Ratification of the fair of Stirling

Our sovereign lord and three estates of this present parliament, understanding the complaint given in by the provost, bailies, council and community of the burgh of Stirling that there have been two days granted to them for holding of fairs yearly this long time past in the month of September, namely, the one being the Later Lady Day on 8 September, and the other the Rood Day, being on 14 September, being both within seven days after each other, and so being so near together and in time of harvest, so that the same has in no ways been profitable to the said burgh nor in no way can serve to their commodity in time coming, when no resort of people come thereto; therefore our said sovereign lord, with advice aforesaid, has altered and changed the said fair held of before yearly within the said burgh and freedom thereof on the said 14 September, to be held in all times coming on 22 October yearly thereafter, and the first fair used of before upon the said 8 September to stand and be used in the same sort and manner as the same was of before; and ordains letters to be directed to make publication hereof in the appropriate form at all places needful.

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