Concerning the holding of horses at hay and oats by traders

Forasmuch as it is considered by our sovereign and three estates of this present parliament that amongst the many other occasions of dearth of victuals within this realm, there is one specially very unprofitable in the commonwealth, which is the holding of horses at hay and oats all the summer season, used commonly by persons of mean estate, traders, of intention to make merchandise of the said horses, being for the most part small nags and no horses of service; wherefore it is statute and ordained that none of our sovereign lord's lieges, not being an earl, prelate, lord, great baron or any of his highness's privy council, session or landed gentleman that may spend of his own 1,000 merks of yearly rent, all charges deducted, shall hold any manner of horses at hay and oats yearly longer than 15 May nor take them in before 15 October, under the pain of escheating of the said horses or paying the value of them to our sovereign lord's use; and the contraveners to be punished and accused at justice ayres or particular diets as appropriate.

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