The benefit of pacification granted to [John Fleming], lord Fleming

Our sovereign lord, of his special grace, with advice and consent of the three estates of this present parliament, and upon weighty and good considerations tending to the establishing of peace and quietness and universal obedience of his highness and his authority within this realm, has given and granted and, by the tenor hereof, gives and grants to John Fleming, son lawful to the late John, sometime lord Fleming, that he shall have, possess and enjoy the like benefit, favour, grace, privilege and conditions as are contained in the pacification made and accorded upon at the burgh of Perth on 23 February 1572 [1573], ratified and approved since in the parliament held at Edinburgh in the month of April 1573; and wills and grants that the same pacification be as largely and favourably extended and interpreted in favour of the said John for the surety of his life and possessing of the living, honour and goods which sometime pertained to the said late John, sometime lord Fleming, his father, as if the said John had been specially nominated and comprehended therein, or as if the whole articles, clauses and conditions of the same were herein expressly specified, restoring, rehabilitating and making the said John lawful to enter by brieve to the lands and heritage sometime pertaining to his said late father, as if he had died at our sovereign lord's faith and peace; providing always that the heritable disposition of the lands of Edmonstone to James [Douglas], earl of Morton, lord Dalkeith etc., nor the sum consigned by him for redemption of the lands and barony of Kilbucho and assigned to him by reason of escheat, and also that the town and lands of Cambusdrenny and Westwood, lying within the sheriffdom of Perth, possessed by Adam [Erskine], commendator of Cambuskenneth, be not comprehended under this present pacification and restitution, but he to enjoy the same until he be satisfied of his action which he had against the said late lord for spoiling of the teinds of the parish of Lenzie of the crops and years of 1568 and 1569; providing also that by this act our said sovereign lord be not prejudiced of the said John Fleming's ward and marriage, nor of the whole profits and commodities thereof, nor that the same be extended to the murders of [Henry Stewart, lord Darnley], our sovereign lord's late dearest father, and [James Stewart, earl of Moray and Matthew Stewart, earl of Lennox], his two regents; and further ordains this pacification and privileges specified therein to be as largely and amply extended to the said John Fleming and in his favour as any pacification is granted to whatsoever person or persons, our sovereign lord's lieges, in any time of before.

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