Concerning the making of aquavitae

Forasmuch as it appears the victual shall be scant this present year, and understanding that there is a great quantity of malt consumed in the whole parts of this realm by making of aquavitae, which is a great occasion of the dearth within the same, for remedy whereof, it is statute and ordained by the king's majesty, with advice of his three estates in this present parliament, that no manner of person within burgh or land, nor others whatsoever, make, brew nor distill any aquavitae from 1 December 1579 until 1 October 1580, under the pain of confiscation of the said aquavitae and breaking of the whole equipment of the makers, brewers and distillers thereof; providing always that it shall be lawful to every earl, lord, baron or gentleman, or other of such degree, to make, brew and distill the said aquavitae of their own malt and stuff within their own houses, for their own use and their friends; and ordains the sheriffs of the shires, provosts and bailies of burghs, stewarts, bailies of royalty and regalities and other ordinary judges within this realm to put this present act to execution in all points after the form and tenor thereof.

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