Procedure: commission
Commission for taking order in certain articles by the lords of privy council

Forasmuch as there has been sundry articles and supplications presented to our sovereign lord and his estates in this present parliament concerning his majesty and commonwealth of this realm, which require special and present consideration, and yet at some greater leisure than the whole estates now convened may well spare instantly, namely an article touching seal fees, other fees and writs, for taking order concerning the abuses and disorders of officers of arms and notaries, for hearing of the offer and contracting concerning the art of silk-making, concerning the extortion taken by customs officers and searchers, therefore our sovereign lord, with advice of his three estates in this present parliament, grants and commits full power to the lords of his highness's privy council upon consideration of the said articles and supplications, to statute, ordain, prescribe, conclude and direct that which they shall think reasonable and expedient concerning that matter to have full effect in time coming.

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