Concerning the youth and others beyond sea suspected to have declined from the true religion, chapter 4

Item, because sundry of the youth of this realm passing to the parts beyond sea become corrupt in religion, whereof great inconvenience may follow, therefore it is statute and ordained that all persons, the sons of noblemen, gentlemen or others pretending the cause of their departure to be for attaining to further knowledge in letters, shall, before their said departure, suit and obtain the king's majesty's licence to that effect, containing a provision that they shall remain constant in the profession of the true religion publicly preached and by law established within this realm, and do, nor procure, nothing to the prejudice thereof or of his highness and his authority under the pain of barratry; as also the said persons within the space of 20 days after their returning within this realm shall pass to the bishop, superintendent or commissioner of the kirks within the bounds where they arrive or happen to make residence and there offer to make and give the confession of their faith according to the true and Christian religion preached and by law established within this realm, or then within 40 days thereafter devoid and remove themselves out of this realm; wherein, if they fail, that they be admonished and pursued as the adversaries of the said true religion. And for such persons as are already out of this realm and have declined from the true religion, that the order appointed in the laws already made be used and executed against them according to the direction and tenor thereof in all points.

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