Act in favouris of Maister Walter Quhytfurde anent the ministrie off Failfurde

Oure soverane lord, considering the spiritualitie of the ministrie off Failfurde to be altogidder dilapidat and putt away be the ministeris and titularis off the same for the tyme, and that be the act of annexatioune of the temporalitie of benefices to the croune maid in his hienes parliament haldin in the moneth of Julii, the yeir of God jM vC fourscoir and sevin yeiris, the temporalitie of the ministrie of Failfurde is annexit to his majesties croune, swa that for the present thair remanis na thing to be possest and joisit be the present minister and his successoures for thair mantenance. And his majestie, remembring that be the lait provisioune and gift of the said benefice of the ministrie of Failfurde grauntit in favouris of Maister Walter Quhytfurde, present minister of Failfurde, his majestie hes alreddie maid assignatioun to the said minister in rem suam during all the dayes of his lyftyme off the haill mailles, fermes, fewfermes, kaynes, custumes, casualities, proffittis and dewties of the haill temporalitie of the said benefice; and his majestie, being now graciouslie plesit that the samyne remane also with his successouris quha salbe lawfullie provydit heirefter to the said benefice and to this effect to restore the said minister of Failfurde and his successoures to all and sindrie landis, superiorities, mylnis, wodis, fischingis, patronages and utheris pertening to thame befoir the said act of annexatioune, thairfore his majestie, with express advyse and consent of the estaitis of this present parliament, nocht onlie ratifies and apprevis the gift and provisioune grauntit be his majestie under the greit seill of the dait att Windsore, the penult day of August, the yeir of God jM vjC and nynetene yeiris, to the Maister Walter of the said benefice of the ministrie of Failfurde, with the said assignatioun maid to him of the haill mailles, fermes, kaynes, custumes, casualities, proffitis and dewties of the temporalitie of the said benefice, bot also hes dissolvit and, be the tennour heirof, dissolvis fra the croune and patrimonie thairof all and sindrie toures, fortalices, landis, mylnis, woddis, fischingis, annuelrentis, tenementis, patronages and utheris quhatsumevir pertening of auld to the benefice of the said ministrie off Failfurde and formerlie annexit to his majesties croune as said is, and unitis and annexis the samyn of new agane to the said ministrie of Failfurde in the same maner as they wer befoir the said annexatioun of the samen to his majesties croune, to the effect that the samyn with the mailles, fermes, fewfermes, kaynes, custumes, superiorities, casualities, proffitis and dewthies thairof quhatsumevir may be enjoyed and peceablie possest be the said Maister Walter Quhytfurde, present minister of Failfurde, and efter his deceis be his successouris ministeris of Failfurde without prejudice alwayes of the fewes and utheris richtis lawfullie maid of quhatsumevir tenementis, annuelrentis, mylnis, wodis, fischingis pertening thairto to the pairties havand richt to the samyne. And to the effect that all sik persounes quha befoir the act of annexatioune wes tennentis and vassellis to the saidis ministeris of Failfurde may be in certantie and knaw to quhome they sould be entirit and ressavit in the landis and utheris haldin be thame of the saidis ministeris of Failfurd, thairfore it is statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord and estaitis that quhen sik occasioune sall offer off ressaving of vassellis or chenging of tennentis quha cummes in the vassellis place, ather be alienatioune of the vassellis or comprysing frome thame or be any uther lawfull maner, the said minister of Failfurde and his successoures salbe haldin and astrictit to do the same and to entir all sik persounes, they doing thair dewtie to the superiour att thair entrie as appertenis.

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