Ratificatioun in favoures of the laird of Wauchtoun

Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the haill estaittis of the kingdome of Scotland convenit in this present parliament, hes ratiefiet, approvin and perpetuallie confermit, lyikas, be the tennour heiroff, ratiefies, approvis and for his hienes and his successouris perpetuallie confermes ane chartour and infeftment made and grantit be his majestie under the gryit seale to his lovit Schir Patrik Hepburne of Wauchtoun, knycht, his aires male and assignais therin mentionat, off all and haill the landis and baronie of Wauchtane, comprehending thairin the particular landis, baronies, richtis of patronage and utheris largelie expremit thairintill, and speciallie the advocatione, donatione and rycht of patronage of the paroche kirk of Athelstanefurde, haillie and altogidder unitite and annexit to the said baronie of Wauchtoun, lyand within the constabularie of Hadingtoun and schirefdome of Edinburgh, to be haldin of his majestie and his successoures in frie blenche and fewferme respective in maner thairin conteaned, as the samen infeftment off the date the ellevint day of Januare, the yeir of God jM vjC and tuentie yeiris in the selff mair fullie proportis, togidder with the precept and instrument of seasing following thairupoune, in all and sindrie poyntis, clauses, heiddis, articles and conditiounes thairin expremit; and wills and grantis that this present ratificatioune salbe als valide and effectuall to and in favoures of the said Schir Patrik Hepburne of Wauchtane, knicht, his aires and assigneyis thairin mentionate as gif the foirsaidis chartouris, precept and seasing wer worde be worde at lenth ingrossit and insert heirintill.

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