Ane act uniting the provestrie of Kirkheuch unto the archebischoprik of Sanctandros with dyvers exceptiounes

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of parliament ratiefies and approvis the actis and statutes made of before anent the uniting of the provestrie of Kirkheuche, place and landis pertening thairto, with all thair pertinentis, to the archbischoprik of Sanctandros, in the haill heiddis and articles thairoff, and willes that the samene sall stand unite and annexit thairto in all tyme cuming, and to that effect hes dissolvit and dissolvis the haill landis, baronies, milnes, fischeingis and utheris pertening to the said provestrie frome the act of annexatione maid in anno jM vC fourscore sevin yeiris, and frome all actis made of before or sensyne quhilkis his majestie annullis in sa far as the samen may be extendit to the saidis landis, baronnes and utheris foirsaidis; and als of new unites and annexis the said provestrie with the place thairoff, haill landis, baronies, milnes, fischeingis and utheris pertening thairto to the said archebischoprik of Sanctandros, to remane thairwith inseperablie in all tyme cuming as ane proper pairt of the patrimonie of the same, excepting alwayes furthe of this present act the kirk of Seres, personage and viccarage thairoff, quhilk is seperated and dismemberit frome the said provestrie and quhilk is erectit in ane severall benefice, quhairoff the advocatioun, donatioun and right of patronage is disponit be his majestie in favoures of umquhile Robert, lord Lindsaye, his airis maill and assignais, conforme to his rightis and infeftmentis maid to him thairupoun, quhilk his majestie and estaittis ratiefies and apprevis and declaires sall nawayes be comprehendit in this present act, bot altogidder exceptit thairfra, with reservatioun of the kirkis of Strabrok, Arbuthnet, Dysert, Benholme, Fetteresso.

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