Procedure: continuation of parliament; asking of instruments

The quhilk day, the lordis commissionaris foirsaidis continewis this present parliament and all actiounes, causes, summoundis, supplicatiounes, petitiounes and articles quhatsumevir to be thairin treated quhill Weddinsday nixt, being the twentie fyift of this instant moneth of Julii, att the quhilk day ordanes the haill estaites of parliament to attend and await James, marques of Hammiltoun, erle of Arran and Cambridge, lord Aven and Inverdaill etc., his majesties commissonar, with all dew reverence, in maner usit to utheris having the lyke chairge of befoir, and to abyde quhill the said parliament end under the panes contenit in the actis of parliament; and ordanes publicatioun to be maid of this present continewatioune att the mercat croce of Edinburgh; quhairupoune his hienes advocat, in his majesties name, askit instrumentis.

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