Procedure: report of committee approved

The quhilk day the haill nobilitie and cou[nsaill being convenit], and the opinioun of the lordis quho wer upoun [the conference being] hard, the haill meeting applaudit thairunto [and with uniforme con]sent maid choise of the lord archiebischop [of St Androis, and earnistlie] intreated him to undertak this burdyne [and to go to] [...] his majestie. Lykeas the said archbischop [...] his majesties service, and without respect [...] of his persone and unseasounable tyme of [yeir, acceptit the] charge upoun him. Quhairupoun thair wes ane missive letter writtin and subscrivit be the haill nobilitie and counsaill present and delyverit to the archiebischop to be carryed to his majestie.

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  2. Gaps in text due to damage in the manuscript. Interpolated text taken from RPCS, first series, xii, 406. Back