Annexatioun of Croceraguell and Monymusk to the bischoprick of Dumblane

Oure soverane lord, haveing consideratioun of the meanes of the estate of the bischoprik of Dumblane and perfyitlie understanding the rentis thairof to be of so small valew that thai ar altogidder unable in anye measure to furneis the necesseris to the privet familie of ane bischope, mekleles to beir his chairgis in parliament and counsellis and utheris ecclesiasticall conventiounes, quhilk, by vertew of his calling, he must of all necessitie undergo; and seing the onlie help and succoure thairoff properlie appertenis to his majestie who of his wonted clemencie hes restoired the estate of the bischoprickes to thair former integritie and helpit sick utheris of thame as wer meanlie prowydit, thairfore his majestie, with advyse and consent of the estaittis of this parliament and of ane reverend father in God Jhonne, archebischope of Sanctandros, Adame, bischope of Dumblane and pryour of Monymusk, and Maister Petir Hewatt, abbote of Croceraguell, being carefull to help the estate of the said bischoprik of Dumblane, hes unite, annexit and incorporat in and to the said bischoprik of Dumblane and patrimonie thairoff all and haill the abbacye of Croceraguell, as likwayis all and haill the pryorie of Monymusk, alsueill temporalitie as spiritualitie of the saidis benefices, with all landis, kirkis, teyndis, teyndschevis, fischeingis, annuelrentis, proffittes, commodities or uther casualities quhatsumevir, alsueill not exprest as expressit, pertening or belanging or quhilk ony tyme bygane pertenit or belangit to the said abbacie or pryorie or onie of thame in ony maner of way. And to this effect, his majestie, with advyse and consent foirsaid, hes dissolvit and be the tennour of thir presentis dissolvis frome his hienes croun all and haill the temporalitye off the said abbacye of Croceraguell and pryorie of Monymusk with all annuelrentis, casualities and proffittis following the said temporalitie and annexit to his hienes croune be vertew of the act of annexatione of the kirklandis to the croun, and be the tennoure heiroff retreittis, rescindis, cassis, abrogatis and annullis the foirsaid act of annexatioun of the temporalitie of benefices to the croun maid in the yeir of God jM vC fourscore sevin yeiris in sua far as the samen may in ony wayis be extendit to the temporalitie of the said abbacye of Croceraguell and pryorie of Monymusk, or ony pairt thairoff, or ony uther actis of parliament maid to that effect with all that hes followit or may follow thairupoun. As likwayis his majestie, with advyse foirsaid, hes supprest and be the tennour of this present act suppresses the dignitie and tytill of the said abbacie off Croceraguell and pryorie of Monymusk sua that the samen sall remayne extinct for evir; and declairis and ordanis the saidis benefices of Croceraguell and Monymusk, alsueill spiritualitie as temporalitie thairoff, haill fructis, rentis, teyndis, teyndscheves, fischeingis, utheris proffittes, emolumentis and casualities quhatsumevir, to be unite, annexat and incorporat in and to the said bischoprik of Dumblane, and to be ane proper pairt of the patrimonye and leving thairof as gif the samen had bene mortified to the said bischoprik at the first fundatioun thairoff. And farder, his majestie, with advyse foirsaid, declairis, decernis and ordanis that the said Adame, now present bischope of Dumblane, be the strenthe and force of this present act, sall have als gude and sufficient right, title and enteres to the haill fructis, rentis, proffittis, casualities and utheris emolumentis quhatsumevir pertening to the saidis benefices now unit and incorporate to the said bischoprick be the tennour of this act as gif the samen had bene ane proper pairt of the patrimonye thairoff at the tyme of his provisioun to the said bischoprik of Dumblane, sua that the samen salbe peciablie bruikit and joisit be the said reverend father and his succeisoures bischopes of Dumblane for now and evir, the said reverend father alwayis and his successouris bischopis of Dumblane interteneing the ministrie serveing the cure at the kirkis of the saidis benefices upoun the reddiest of the fructis off the samen kirkis according to the ordiner assignationes made or ressonablie to be maid thairanent. Reservand alwayis the lyverentis of the present titularis of the saidis benefices; and als reservand to the Earle of Caissillis and to all utheris haveand rightis to the landis and teyndis of the abbacie of Croceraguell all thair lauchfull rightis and takis of landis and teyndis belangand therto lauchfullie maid and sett to thame at ony tyme bigane; and siclyik reservand to the laird of Monymusk the superioritie of the manse of Monymusk now haldin be him [of] oure soverane lord, to the effect he, his airis and successoures may hald the same of his hienes in all tyme cuming and to pay to the Bischop of Dumblane and his successoures the few dewties contenit in his few infeftment of the said manse of Monymusk, nochtwithstanding that he haldis the samen landis of his hienes, the quhilk payment of the said few deutie yeirlie in tyme cuming to the said Bischop off Dumblane and his successoures salbe als sufficient ane exoneratione to the said laird of Monymusk, his airis and successouris as gif he and his foirsaidis had payit the same to oure soverane lord. And siclyik reservand to all uther persounes quha hes acquyrit fewis, takis or uther tytle quhatsumevir of the said pryorie of Monymusk at ony tyme bygane all thair lauchfull rightis lauchfullie maid and sett to thame at ony tyme bigane of the landis and teyndis of the said pryorie of Monymusk. And als reservand to the ministeris at the kirkis of the saidis abbacie of Croceraguell and pryorie of Monymusk present and to cum thair rightis and stependis nochtwithstanding this act. And last reservand to Maister Petir Hewatt, present abbote of Croceraguell, his awin lyverent thairoff with the haill rentis, honouris, immunities, priviledges and dignities belanging to the said abbacye to be bruikit be him during his lyiftyme conforme to his provisone.

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