Procedure: commission
Commissioun for dealing betuix his majestie and the Bischop of Orknay for the bischops landis in Orknay

James R[ex]. Forsamekill as oure soverane lord, with advise of some of the lordis of his secrete counsale, fand it expedient for perfect satling of the suretie, peace and obedience of the iles and boundis of Orknay and Zetland and inhabitantis thairof, and for removing of sutche disorders as heirtofore have arisin when the cuntrie being devidit in landis haldin of the king and landis haldin of the kirk, the tennentis and possessouris of the saidis severall landis leaning to thair particular superiouris, or to his majesties officiaris or sutche as had rycht or commandiment from the prince for the tyme, upoun the ane part, and to bischopis on the uther, have fallin in sutche oppositioun and stryff as hes procedit to slauchters, murthers, factiounes, seditiones and sutche heicht of confusioun as the lyves of the bischops hes many tymes bene in danger, and the people liklie to have drawin strangers into the cuntrie who, under pretext of assisting their freindis, mycht upoun occasioun preasit to have possest theme selffis of the whoill cuntrie, that for preventing the lyke danger in tyme cuming, his majestie suld unite the reall rycht of all the saidis iles, landis and boundis of Orknay and Zetland, and haill partes and pertinentis of the same, in his awin persoun and his heris and successouris of his crowne of Scotland; and for the bischopis rycht and interes of samany of the saidis landis as did appertene to him or his predicessouris bischoppis of Orknay, and of all uther heritable rycht or teyndis anywyse belonging or able to be acclamed be thame, that his hienes suld provide the present bischop and his successoures of so sufficient recompens in sure and permanent rent as mycht with all reasoun content thame and be performit withowt thair loss and harme in all tyme cuming, whilk in respect of the bischops employment in his majesties great and wechtie services in the saidis boundis culd not receave sutche perfectioun as the parties desyrit and the gude of boith thair estates did crave; nather will the approcheing conclusioun of this proclemed parliament yeild sufficient tyme and place to sett downe so ample and formall maner as the wechtynes of the mater dois require the heritable and perpetuall sureties of the said aggrement according to his majesties just and royall intentioun and the bischops mynd. And becaus ane appointment and suretie of the kynd can not receave absolute and dew perfectioun withowt the authoritie and consent of the estates of parliament, thairfore oure soverane lord and estates of parliament, with expres advise and consent of James, now bischop of Orknay, and with uniforme assent and consent of all the bischoppis of the kingdome present at the said parliament, gevis and grantis full power and commissioun to Alexander, erll of Dunfermling, lord chancellar of Scotland, George, archiebischop of Sanctandrois, Johnne, archiebischop of Glasgow, Maister Johnne Prestoun of Pennycuke, president of the college of justice, Schir Thomas Hammyltoun of Byris, secretar to oure soverane lord, Schir Alexander Hay, clerk of register, and Maister William Olyphant, his hienes advocat, and Schir Jedeon Murray of Elibank, knycht, or ony fyve of thame, to consider of the best and moist convenient meanes of acquiring and securing heritablie to his majestie and his successoures of all and haill the landis and teyndis of the haill iles, landis and boundis of Orknay and Zetland sometyme pertening to the Bischop of Orknay and his predicessouris, and haill rentis, rychtis and securities belonging thairto or samony of thame as salbe found necessair and convenient to be unitit and incorporatit with and to his royall crowne, thairwith perpetualie to remane; and upoun the satisfactioun, recompens and constant rent and provisioun to be maid, assured and perfectit for the same to James, now bischop of Orknay, and his successouris in compensatioun of the saidis landis, teyndis, rentis and commodities of the said bischoprik, and to set downe the substance and effect of the most perfyte securitie that can be devisit thairanent, to the effect that thairupon actis of dissolutioun, suppressioun, annexatioun, incorporatioun, contractis, bandis, chartouris, resignationes, renuciationes and uther securiteis and rychtis quhatsomevir may be formit, maid and lawfullie perfyted betuix his majestie and the said bischop in the premises; and being lauchfullie exiled and perfyted, may be in dew and valiable forme thairefter insert and registrat in the buikis of parliament, whilk his majestie and estates foirsaidis, with advise and consent of the said James, bischop of Orknay and remanent bischoppis of the said kingdome, now as than and than as now, ar content and consentis salbe als lauchfull, perfyte and absolute rychtis and perpetuall securiteis as gif the same and everie ane of thame had bene ordourlie and dewlye formed, extendit and perfytelie exped in best and surest maner that could have bene devisit, consenting lykewyse that they sall and may everie ane of thame for thair awin partes tak, apprehend and retene possessioun be virtew thairof in all tyme cuming, promitting faithfullie to inlarge and amplefie this present commissioun, and to subscrive, seale and deliver all mutuall securities resulting heirupoun according to the ordinance of the saidis commissioners and nevir to contravene thair determinatioun or ony part thairof or cum in the contrar of the same directlie or indirectlie.

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