Procedure: submission
Submissioun betuix the Archibischop of Sanctandrous and the lord advocat in the kingis name

Forsamekle as certain questionis and controverseis have laitlie arissin betuix his majesteis high thesaurar, comptroller and advocat for his majesteis interes, and the Archibisehop of Sanctandris concerning the estaittis of bastardis, richt to customes, coquettis, forbidden goodis and confiscatioun thairof, and the said Archibischop of Sanctandrous being altogidder unwilling that his name shall evir be opposite to his majestie or his richt, or to contend for ony suche mater whilk his majestie in his great wisdome shall not think and judge dew and lauchfull to the said archibischop to possess, thairfoir the said reverend father in God, George, archibischop of Sanctandrous, comperand personalie in presens of his majesteis high commissionar of parliament and lordis of articles of this kingdome, humblie, voluntarlie and frelie submitted and be the tennoure heirof frelie, voluntarlie and humblie submittis him self to his majesteis judgement in the premises, and is content and consentis that his majestie judge, pronunce and determine finalie thairintill at ony tyme betuix and the [...] day of [...] nixtocum, faithfullie promitting, binding and obleissing him self and his successouris to abyd at, obey and fulfill whatsoevir his majestie shall be pleasit to determ in the premises, and theirwith humblie requestis at the handis of so just and gratious a king and maister dois expect, that his majestie will be pleasit to heir him in the qualificatioun of his particular rightis in the saidis materis controverted befoir his majestie pronunce decreit thairintill, lykas his majesteis officiaris abone named most humblie craves and dois exspect that his majestie will [be] pleasit to heir thair trew declaratioun and informatioun of his majesteis right and interes in the materis abone specefeit; as alsua the said archibischop, for him and his successouris, consentis and is content that the decreit to be pronunced and gevin furth be his majestie in the premises shall be registrat in the buikis of parliament and have the strenth, effect and executioun of ane act and decreit of parliament.

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