Act anent the castell of Annand

Oure soverane lord, of his speciall grace and favour and for the supporte of the towne of Annand, whilk is miserablie impoverisheit sa as they ar not hable to build ane kirk to them selffis, hes grantit and disponit to the said towne and parochin the house callit the castell of Anand, the hall and toure thairof, to serve for ane kirk and place of convening to the heiring of the word and ministratioun of the sacramentis. And his majestie and estaittis of this present parliament, ratifiand the said grant and dispositioun maid be his hienes of the said house and castell to the use foirsaid, ordanis and statutis the said house and castell to be frome henceforth propir to the said towne and parochin for the place of convening as said is, with power to them to repair, redefie, flitt and remove the stanis and tymmer thairof to ony place they sall think maist convenient for building of thair kirk when they shall find themselffis hable thairto, and in the mentyme to serve them selffis thairwith at thair plesure in thair meittingis togidder to Godis haly service, salvo jure cujuslibet.

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