Act aganis children that becomes papistis when they ar out of Scotland

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament ordanis the noblemen, baronis and otheris to have a speciall cair and to gif ordour and directioun that the remaning of their sonnes forth of the countrey shall be in places where religioun is proffessed or at the leist where thair is na restrante of the same by the crueltie of inquisitioun, and that during the tyme of their absence they sall not hant ony idolatrous exercise of religioun, and suche persones as hes not the moyen to intertene with their sonnes a pedagoge shall send thame to suche places where religioun is professed; and incais their sonnes eftir thair departure out of the countrey shall haunt the exercise of contrarie religioun, oure said soverane lord and estaittis foirsaid ordanis that thair parentis or suche otheris as hes the charge of them shall be straitit to find cautioun actit in the bookes of secrete counsaile under suche panis as shall be modefeit, that they sall not supplie, intertaine nor furnische them with ony thing necessar or comfortable unto them after that it knowne that their sonnes ar become papistis and hauntis idolatry contrarie to the religioun presentlie professed within Scotland, except their ressonable expenses in recalling and bringing them to this realme of Scotland.

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  2. '4' written in margin beside heading. Back
  3. APS reads 'that it be ...'. Back