Anent the making of yrne with wode

Forsamekle as it hes pleasit God to discover certane vaynes of ritche mettall within this kingdome, as alsua certane wodis in the heylandis, whilkis wodis by reasoun of the savagnes of the inhabitantis thairabout wer ather unknawin or at the leist unproffitable and unused; and now the estaitis presentlie conveyned, being informit that some personis, upoun advantage of the present generall obedience in those partis, wald erect yrne milnis in the same pairtis to the utter wanting and consumeing of the saidis wodis, whilkis mycht be reserved for monay bettir useis and upoun moir choise and proffitable mettaillis, for the honnour, benefite and estimatioun of the kingdome, thairfore the estaitis presentlie conveyned statutis and ordanis and thairwith commandis, chairgeis and inhibitis all and sindrie his majesteis leigis and subjectis that nane of thame presome nor tak upoun hand to woork and mak ony irne with wod or tymmer undir the pane of confiscatioun of the haill yrne that salbe maid with the said tymmer to his majesteis use; and ordanis publicatioun to be maid heirof be oppin proclamatioun at all places neidfull, quhairthrow nane pretend ignorance of the same.

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